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A Word About Us

Who We Are

We are a Christ-Centered, Spirit-Led family of faith located in Berkeley, CA.  Over the years McGee continues to love God, to praise God, to serve God and to love and serve the people.  McGee's ministry reaches people through worship, teaching, service, and praise.  We are excited that you consider sharing your time with us as we share the love if Jesus Christ with you.  We are a ministry where're all welcome in Jesus!

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Our Mission Statement

McGee Avenue Baptist Church is a Family of Faith, guided and empowered by the spirit of Christ in our worship, witness and service to God, each other and our community.

Inspired by the Great Commandment in Mark 12:28-34, we strive to establish the inclusive kingdom of God as we model the love of Jesus Christ.

About: Our Mission

Our Motto

Working Together, For The Good Of All

About: Our Values
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